When will Xiang Xuelan bloom

When will it bloom

Xiangxuelan is a common indoor ornamental flower in winter, so it is mostly in winter. In general, Xiang Xuelan is planted in autumn, and it will bloom in winter and spring. Of course, there will be exceptions, and sometimes Xiangxuelan will bloom from March to April. Overall, Xiangxuelan’s flowering period is from February -May.

When Xiangxuelan blooms, the flowering period is generally about 15 days. The flower stems are branched or branched, and the top has a spike -like flower type. Each inflorescence will bloom about 5-7 flowers. The results will be real after flowering.

Frequent factors of flowering time

Although Xiangxuelan’s flowering period is between February -May, it is actually not fixed when blooming.

In fact, this non -fixed phenomenon will occur in the flowering period of Xiangxuelan, which is mainly the effect of Xiangxuelan planting. In addition, it is affected by the temperature and light of the maintenance.

If the planting time is in August and September, the flowering time is generally planted in winter and autumn, and flowering may be in winter and spring. In fact, this planting time will also be affected by the region. In the northern region, the planting Xuelan can be carried out in September, and the southern region can be later.

The impact of temperature is mainly manifested in the differentiation of flower buds, because when the temperature remains at low temperature at 8 ° C -13 ° C, the flower buds are easier to differentiate. If the temperature is lower than 18 ° C, the flowering period will be delayed, and the temperature is higher. If you can bloom early, but the plants are easily weakened.

The impact of light mainly refers to the time of light. Under the condition of short daylight, the differentiation of Xiangxue orchid buds will be better. After the flower bud differentiation, long sunlight can also be blossomed early.