When will Xifu Begonia bloom

Flowering period

The flowering period of Xifu Begonia is generally in spring. Blossoms generally start from February and can last until May. However, specifically, according to the effects of climate, environment and other factors, it makes it slightly different when flowering. Generally, the flowering period of Begonia in the northern Westfu is later than the south. Xifu Begonia flowers generally last about a week.


Today, with its well -developed technology, the flowering period of Xifu Begonia can also be regulated by manually, which can be delayed or advanced in advance. Regulating the flowering period of Xifu Begonia is mainly to control the maintenance temperature of Xifu Begonia.

Put Xifu Begonia in a low -temperature environment to sleep. About one month before the planned flowering period, gradually start to increase the temperature and spray water every day to keep the flower buds of Xifu Begonia. At this time, keep the temperature at 10 ° C. To enhance the light, the flower buds can be colorful, and then they can bloom normally.

Note that if the flower buds are relatively late at this time, you can warm up or spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate to promote it.

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