When will Yumeng bloom

Yu Weng’s Flower

Jade blooming is generally in the summer. From June -July, Yuweng will bloom, and the peach red flowers present a bell type, which are open into a circle around the entire sphere.Small, the diameter is only 1-2cm.

However, Yuweng’s flowering period is actually very short, and generally you will thank you for a day or two.When breeding Yu Weng, it may take a few years to bloom, and it takes two or three years after flowering to achieve the results.

The conditions required for the blossoming of Yuweng

The conditions for blossoming in jade are light, temperature and water fertilizer.

Yu Weng likes light and requires suitable temperature in order to grow well and promote flowering, and water fertilizer must keep up during the maintenance period, so that Yu Weng will have sufficient nutrients to bloom.

Yu Weng Flower Picture Appreciation