Why does it germinate why the bamboo sowing?

The mechanism of planting bamboo sowing and breeding

The breeding and breeding of the bamboo is one of the main breeding methods of the bamboo.

Wenzhu will bloom in autumn, and then the seeds are mature in winter. The mature seeds are dark brown. At this time, you can pick it down and then sow to reproduce.

The breeding time of the bamboo sowing is between February and March of the next year. The temperature of the sowing should be kept at 10 ° C -25 ° C. The potting soil is wet, and it can germinate in 30 days.

But sometimes, flower friends will also find that after sowing the seeds of the bamboo, they have not germinated for a long time. What is going on?

The reason why the bamboo sowing does not germinate

The reason for the phenomenon of sowing and breeding is mainly the following.

The first is that the harvested seeds are not mature. The mature seeds should be dark brown, but the trend used to sow is green and green, which will cause the bamboo to grow in the breeding and breed when sowing and breeding. When planting, you should choose to become purple -black and soft seeds, peel it in time, and select the seeds with better quality for sowing.

The second is that the seeds are not treated before sowing. If the seeds are not soaked 24 hours before sowing, it will affect its germination.

The third is that the sowing soil is too dry or too wet. When the seeds are sowing, the soil is required to be moist. If it is too dry, it is not conducive to the germination of the seeds.

Fourth, when sowing, the temperature is too low to meet the requirements of Wenzhu germination. Generally, when the temperature is lower than 10 ° C, it is difficult to germinate.