Why does the Eight Immortals become green

Eight Immortals naturally transform into green

There are some varieties of Baxian flowers, which will naturally transform into green, producing green eight immortals. These varieties include the limelight of hydrangea, which have bright light green flowers. Another variety is Annabel hydrangea, which will bloom white flowers at the beginning, and then turn green.

Eight Immortals become green with the growth of time

There are many flower buddies that the reason why the eight immortals become green is likely to change the color because the eight immortal flowers grow over time, and red and blue flowers often transform into green.

The popularity is that the color of the eight immortals is associated with the acid and alkali of the soil, and the color is changed as the soil changes. The transformation into green flowers is likely to be the pH of the soil not stable enough for a period of time. This situation is actually not very common, but some flower friends have raised such eight immortals. When they first opened, they were green, and later turned into pink. After a period of opening, it turned into green again. Change the dragon.

However, this situation generally does not last for too long, and some measures can be taken to make them flowering normally.

Eight Immortals become green with the changes in the climate

In terms of climate, it is mainly the effect of temperature and humidity. Eight Immortals like a stable growth environment. If there is a high temperature and high humidity, it may cause the flowers of the eight immortals to become green.

Eight Immortal Flower Green Valve Diseases

The main manifestation of green petal disease is the color change of the inflorescence, and the petals are turned into yellow -green. At this time, you need to pay attention to whether the flower of the eight immortals is small or gradually without flowers. Diseases need to be taken to prevent measures.