Why don’t you drop water in Guanyin

Dripping Guanyin dripping water

When breeding water Guanyin, many people have seen its dripping farming, and water droplets will appear at the tip of the leaves of Guanyin’s leaves.

Guanyin Guanyin was originally a common ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical. The reason why dripping occurred was that the phenomenon of dripping the leaves down the leaves under the condition of humid air and sufficient soil water. The occurrence of this phenomenon is actually conditional. The air and soil need to maintain a certain amount of water, so dripping Guanyin dripping water is actually self -regulation.

However, it should be noted that this drop of water is said to be toxic, it is best not to drink it casually.

Why don’t you drop water in Guanyin

However, there are also many people who have raised water Guanyin to find that it does not drop water, which is mainly the impact of the climate.

When breeding water Guanyin, not sensible may be that the air is too dry. In fact, many areas in my country are relatively dry, especially in the north. The air is dry and precipitated. The dripping water of potted water is cultivated indoors. So at this time, there will be few dripping Guanyin.

If the phenomenon of dripping Guanyin does not drop water, this is not to say that it does not grow well, so it does not need to deliberately let it drip, let it go.