Why is the fleshy elephant so expensive

1. The breeding speed is particularly slow

The growth and breeding speed of Vientiane is particularly slow. Generally, the seeds of seeds are sowed by seeds. It takes seven to eight years to wait for it. In addition, the root insertion method is also the breeding method of leaf insertion and beheading. Its growing speed and the speed of growing plants are also very slow. Therefore, if gardening is generally cultivated, it takes a long time if it cultivates a new variety, so this greatly determines the price of Vientiane. Moreover, the lines of Vientiane are leaves and leaves. Generally, it is necessary to wait for a Vientiane to develop a plant, and then the lines will slowly start. The time of Vientiane will be very high, which is one of the reasons.

2. It is more difficult to breed and raise

It is more difficult to maintain Vientiane and breed. If you want Vientiane to be perfect, you need to use very good techniques. What kind of leaves and roots and breeding will cause the Vientiane product to have a certain impact, so it is more difficult to manage when raising.

3. The price is also determined according to the appearance

There are more expensive prices on the market of Vientiane market. In fact, this depends on whether it is long and beautiful. Generally, the texture is more beautiful, the window surface is larger, the plant type is better, the shorter the leaves, the shorter it is it. The higher the price. So its price also depends on its appearance.

4. Merchant pursuing huge profits

The low price of the group training now has attracted a lot of love flowers and has cultivated a lot of succulent markets, but the merchants in the market often pursue huge profits. How good will it be exaggerated. After the low -priced group training, you will start to choose those who are not group training, so that the demand for the market starts to increase, and it will gradually make Vientiane’s prices gradually go up. So this is also an important reason for Vientiane’s expensive prices.