Why should Lily flowers take off the flower

Why should Lily take off the flower

Lily flowers need to take off the flowers. This is usually on the flowers of the flowers. When the flower arrangement, in order to maintain the beauty of the flowers as much as possible, the pollen on the flower stamens can easily be put on the petals. It is not easy to clean the body, so you need to remove the lilies.

In addition, there is another reason that if pollen accidentally gets the stigma, the flowers may think that it has been pollinated, and the flowers may fade, and then transfer to the seeds, which will affect the viewing of lily flowers. Therefore, picking the flowers is also to extend the flowering period.

How to remove flowers

In fact, the method is very simple to remove the flower of the lily flower.

With a clean paper towel or toilet paper, wrap the flower stamens, and then drag it gently, the flower stamens can be removed, which is very simple.

But pay attention to two points. First, when removing the stamens, pay attention to the pollen on the stamen. Do not stick the pollen to the petals, or stick it to your own body to avoid affecting the viewing of the flowers and bringing some unnecessary to yourself. Trouble. The second is to pay attention when removing the stamens. Don’t be too strong. Don’t hurt the petals of lily or other parts.

It is actually very simple to remove the bud. Generally, you can master the skills to remove a few. Try it.