Winter red breeding method

Environmental choice

The location of different regions is also different. For example, tropical areas can be planted directly in the courtyard or garden, which can be viewed and green; while the temperate areas and lower temperatures need to be cultivated indoors;

Moisture needs

At the end of winter, it was when it bloomed, until the end of the spring of the following year, but watering must be reduced during the flowering period. This is the opposite of other plants. Before flowering, the soil can be arid, but it is not water without water, but it is not too humid. Watering at other times can be carried out according to the state of the soil. The upper layer of the soil can be watered. Do not make the soil too humid for a long time, nor can there be accumulated water;

Temperature demand

It is not afraid of the high temperature in summer, but it cannot resist the low temperature in winter, and the most suitable temperature it grows is between 23 and 32 degrees;

Sunshine needs

Its growth is inseparable from the sun, and it even needs sunlight than any plant, but if it is in the environment of insufficient sunlight for a long time, it will stop growing or other problems that affect plant health;

Fertilizer needs

Autumn is the main period of fertilizer application, especially when its leaves are withered, and you need to apply foot fertilizer; you must also apply foot fertilizer for fertilizer in spring, and you need to pour water after fertilization.