Wu Yuyu’s breeding method and precautions

1. Environment

Wu Yuyu’s plant has a very large straight root. It is recommended that you choose a deeper pot potting when you carry the potted plants. And it is a kind of growth environment that is both warm and dry and sufficient. Like other plants, it is also afraid of stagnant water to resist drought and semi -yin. It also requires a large day and night temperature difference. The growing period of the plant is in the two seasons of spring and autumn, and its roots are very afraid of water accumulation. Therefore, you need to pay special attention when watering. In addition to keeping the soil moist during the growth period, everyone must also control the watering of it during other periods. When watering, you must master the important principles of “don’t pour it when you don’t dry it, and if you pour it through”, you must avoid stagnant water in the pot soil, otherwise it will seriously cause the root rot.

2. Temperature management

In the winter season, I suggest that you should put it in a growing environment with sufficient indoor sunlight. The minimum temperature at night should be kept at about 10 ° C. Note that there must be a temperature difference between day and night. At this time, everyone can do it normally normally Watering so that the plant continues to grow. If you cannot keep 10 ° C, you need to control it to water it to make it dormant.

3. Method of reproduction

After the seeds are mature, you can sow with picking. This link is generally carried out between April and May. Everyone pays attention to the vegetarian soil after the pot soil must be disinfected with steam. It is the most suitable. At the same time, after soaking the pot soil with potting soil, the seeds are very uniformly dismissed on the surface of the soil. Because the seeds are very small, there is no need to cover the soil. You only need to cover a glass on the sowing pot. As a result, the film keeps its humidity, and the purpose of covering a piece of white paper is to avoid direct sunlight on the plant. Everyone should remember the temperature difference between the day and night. It is controlled between 15 and 25 ° C on weekdays and can germinate in about 10 days.

Having said so much, everyone should learn how to cultivate succulent black Yuyu. I believe that your live broadcast will thrive according to the steps of Xiaobian. The above is the plant knowledge I brought today.