Xia Lamen’s breeding method and precautions

Xialamei’s breeding method

Temperature and light

Xialamei can overwinter winter and overwinter in Jiangnan and other places, which can withstand short temperature at 40 ° C and low temperature and cold -15 ° C. The growing environment with warmth and humidity, the sunlight is not strong, the leaf color becomes yellow under the full light, and the growth is poor. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and be placed under the sun for a long time.


Summer wax plums are afraid of waterlogging, and soil can be kept half wet. Drain in time in time in the rainy season. However, water is indispensable in summer, so as to prevent the leaves from forming dry and white spots, which affects the formation of flower buds. In the flowering period of Xialamei, the amount of watering must be reasonable. If the water is too small, the flowers are not neat; too much watering can easily lead to falling flowers and buds.


It is suitable for fertile and loose and well -drained sand soil. Pot soil can be prepared with sand slopes and coniferous humus soil.


Hi fertilizer, timely fertilization can promote the differentiation of flower buds, bloom more, perform leaf fertilizer twice in spring, and apply compound fertilizer every half month before entering the end of June to promote the formation of flower buds. Fertilizer is mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. After the autumn cold, you can apply cake fertilizer to enrich the flower buds. After flowering to the leaves, apply 2-3 times. Apply a thin horse palm water again before entering winter to provide the nutrients required for flowering.

Precautions for Xialamei breeding

Pay attention to diseases and insect pest control

Mainly the hazards of cymbal worms and aphids, as well as dark spots and anthracnose diseases, especially the high temperature season must be strengthened.

Pay attention to windproof

Summer wax is afraid of the wind, so the open -field cultivation should choose back wind. If the windproof is not in place, the leaves will produce rust spots due to the rubbing of each other. If the flowering period is windy, the buds are not easy to open, and the petals will appear discomfort.


Xia Qianmei’s branches are strong, and timely trimming is conducive to the germination of more flower branches and bloom more. After the flowers, it is suitable for trimming before the hair leaf. Generally, the trimming is stopped after July. Cut off the diseased and insect branches, withered branches, cross branches, dense branches, etc., and the annual branches retain the 2-3 pairs of buds at the base, cut off the upper branches to promote branches. Tool once.