Yu Meiren’s family breeding method and precautions

Grandmine’s breeding method

Land selection & soil

For places with sufficient light and good ventilation, Yu Meiren is not strict with the soil, but it is best to use loose and fertile sandy loam soil.


In January, the pot with a 20 -centimeter inner diameter was packed with more than half of the loose soil, flattened it, and then sowed, 20 to 30 capsules, and then covered the soil until the seed was not seen. After sowing, the method of immersion pots is to put the flower pot in a large basin that does not exceed the height of the flower pot, so that the water is evenly penetrated into the soil from the hole at the bottom of the flower pot.

After the seedlings are unearthed, remove the bad growth, and finally leave only 3 to 5 plants. When the seedlings are 30 cm high, they gradually fill the planting soil to the edge of the flower pot to prevent the stems from falling into the stem.

Keep sufficient light and fresh environment. It is not lower than 5 ° C at night. Avoid drought and waterlogging. Potted plants are watering the weather and potting soil. Generally speaking, water is watering once every 3 to 5 days. Keep this state in March, it will bloom in March until May.

Inter -seedl

After the seedlings are unearthed, remove the poor growth, and perform the seedlings at a distance of 30*30. Because the Yu Meiren is not easy to feed, you must pay attention when the seedlings are.


Before flowering, it can be appropriately applied for 2-3 thin liquid fertilizers, but fertilization should not be too much, which will be prone to pests in pests. Plant the ground twice before wintering, and apply liquid fertilizer again before flowering. Finally, finally applying for top -up before flowering to promote the flowers and strong flowers and openness.


Under normal circumstances, there is no need to water it often.

Maintain the temperature of about 20 ° C, and can bud in 7-10 days. If you find that there are pests and insect pests, you need to treat it in time, and pay attention to hygiene, and cut the flowers of the flowers in time, which can extend the flowering period and the flowers that are blooming are more beautiful.

Precautions for breeding of Yu Meiren

It is not advisable to plant on the soil that is too fat, and should not be planted heavy.

It is not advisable to raise and plant seedlings with low -lying, humid, hypertrophy, and poor light. If you grow poorly, it is easy to cause disease.

Watering less during wintering, when the spring grows, it should be poured more.

In the long run, watering should not be too much, but it needs to be kept moist.