1 Clivia is worth 10 million?You can also raise it!

How to raise a Clivia usually

The valuable and high -quality Clivia leaves are green, the veins are clear, bright and thick, neat and stylish. How do this be raised?

1. How to make Clivia leaves green green?


(1) You need to place the Clivia in a bright place. The photosynthetic effect can be carried out smoothly, and the vermilion will be emerald and healthy.

(2) Dilute the beer according to the proportion of 1:50, and often use it to wash the leaves of Clivia, which can promote photosynthesis and let his leaves green.

2. How to make the clivia leaves thick and oily?


(1) To ensure adequate nutrition for Clivia, apply thin liquid fertilizer every half a month. “Fertilizer does not leave water, fertilizes with water”, organic liquid fertilizer is diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 2000 to pour the gentleman orchid.

(2) Ensure that the soil of the Clivia is loose and fertile. Nuts such as peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, and happy fruits. Do not throw away the shell after eating. After rotten (add water and seal for a month), mix it into the soil and feed the Clivia to make it shiny and shiny.

3. How to make Clivia’s leaves neat and stylish?


(1) Pay attention to the placement, the ends of the leaves of Clivia should face north and south.

(2) Drying treatment, covering one -half of the vermiculous orchid blades with a thin cardboard or tin foil, fix it with a small clip, and the leaves are tilted.

What to do

In summer, the weather is stuffy, and Clivia is prone to rotten roots. At this time, the flower friends should be rescued in time.

1. Take off the Clivia from the pot soil and clean the soil of the root.

2. Remove all the rotten root systems, be sure to clean up to avoid rotten roots again, but pay attention to retain the bulbs of Clivia.

3. Put the clean roots in the potassium permanganate solution for half an hour, and then dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

4. Prepare some water moss soaked hair, wrap the roots of Clivia, and put them in a flower pot. Water moss can also be replaced with sawdust, vermiculite, perlite and other soils.

5. Put the gentleman orchid to the cool and ventilated place, touch the surface of the pot soil, and spray the water, but be careful not to spray the water into the Ye Xin. In less than a month, Clivia can grow up healthy root systems.

What to do if Clivia is rotten

Summer gentleman blue is also easy to rot. If there is rotten heart, it should be saved in time.

1. If the rotten heart is not very serious, remove the rotten leaves and remove the rotten part.

2. If the gentleman’s heart is very serious, cut all the leaves and apply some fungal spirit disinfection at the wound.

3. Put the Clivia in a cool and ventilated place. Slowly, Clivia will germinate again. If it is well maintained, it is easy to get the group.

What to do if Clivia Huangye

1. Normal yellow leaves

It is manifested as yellow, thin and soft from the root. This is the normal metabolism of flowers and plants, don’t worry.

2. Watering too much yellow.

It is manifested as the tender yellow of the new leaves, and the old leaves are yellow. You need to reduce the number of watering times, and replace it with better air as soon as possible.

3. Water shortage, drought yellow.

It is manifested as the old leaves falling off and the new leaves are normal. You need to add frequent watering.

4. Excessive fertilization of yellowing

It is manifested as the tip of the new leaf, the old leaf tip is dry yellow, and the leaves are thick but uneven. You need to go out of the basin in time, clean the soil of the root, replace the pot soil, and re -put it.

5. Lack of nutrition yellow

It shows that the old leaves start to yellow from the tip of the leaves, and the new leaves are thin and soft. It is necessary to fertilize as soon as possible, and the organic liquid fertilizer is diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 2000 to pour the gentleman orchid.

6. Insufficient light becomes yellow

It is manifested as old leaves and white, and the new leaves are tender and yellow. You need to replenish the sun in time, but you cannot suddenly accept the sun exposure. You should first put it in the bright part of the room and accept the sun in the morning and evening.

7. Excessive yellow sun exposure

It is manifested as a large area of ​​macular. Need to move the Clivia into the room in time and place it in a bright and ventilated place.

8. The soil is too yellow

It is manifested as the leaves from bright green to dark yellow, and the leaves fall off. Pot soil should be replaced in time.

Rotten leaf soil and vermiculite are mixed according to the ratio of 1: 1, which can be mixed with a small amount of sawdust, corn, perlite, water moss, peanut shell, etc., and re -plant the Clivia.

How does a Clivia change more plant?

The Clivia of 1, 2-3 years, the small buds that will appear next to the plant. This is the “baby” of Clivia.

2. When the small buds grow to 2-3 leaves, the small buds can be divided. Take the Clivia from the pot from the pot and clean the soil of the root.

3. Soak the root system in the potassium permanganate solution for half an hour. The general solution ratio is potassium permanganate: water = 1: 3000.

4. Dry the root system in a cool and ventilated place, and cover the leaves of Clivia with newspapers.

5. Cut off the small buds from the mother plant with a disinfected knife. It is best to bring a few ties, which is conducive to the later survival.

6. Apply some potassium permanganate solution to disinfection at the wounds of the gentleman’s root.

7. Plant the Clivia in the flower pot, water it through, and place it in a cool and ventilated place. Do not accept direct sunlight. After the gentleman Lan grows out of the new leaf, it can be maintained normally.

More precious Clivia varieties

Of course, there are also many valuable varieties in Clivia, and the flowers will introduce some.

1. New Zealand cream

2. South Africa Green Flower

3. Reflex cream flowers

4, swamp

5. Green Flower Face 6, yellow flower and green throat Cailan

As long as the flower friends are good at Clivia

Clivia will definitely return to flower friends!

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