1 Wenzhu will be raised for 10 years, and the fruit is blossomed every year!What about it?

How can Wenzhu raise to bear fruit?

1. Where should Wenzhu be placed?

Wenzhu likes to be a semi -yin environment. It should be placed in bright ventilation living rooms, bedrooms, study and other places.

Note that stay away from the air outlet of the air conditioner and fan to avoid the air that is too dry and leads to dry yellow leaves.

2. How long does it take to pour water for the bamboo?

Flowers are usually poured once every 4-6 days. They usually spray moisturizing. Flowers can refer to the watering frequency of flowers and water according to the specific maintenance conditions. When the soil is loose and humid, the watering frequency can be appropriately increased. Essence

3. Do you need to fertilize in bamboo?

In order to grow up to the wall, it is necessary to fertilize it every year. To apply a thin liquid fertilizer to Wenzhu every month, you can use compound fertilizers to mix water at a ratio of 1: 2000, or use fermented rice water.

What to do with bamboo and yellow leaves?

1. Too strong yellow leaves:

Wenzhu likes to be a semi -yin environment. If the sun is directly exposed to the sun, the leaves will dry and yellow.

Solution: Move the bamboo to the room where the bamboo is ventilated and cut off the yellow leaves as soon as possible.

2. Long -term shade of yellow leaves:

Although the bamboo can not accept direct sunlight, if it is placed in a dark environment for a long time, the leaves of the leaves will become tender and yellow, and the plants will become weak.

Solution: Move the bamboo to ventilation, and you can see the sun appropriately sooner or later.

3. Watering too much yellow leaves:

Excessive watering causes the soil to stick to the soil, and the roots cannot breathe. At this time, yellow leaves will even cause rotten roots.

Solution: Under the premise that the rotten roots are not caused, we should move the bamboo to the ventilation as soon as possible, and the soil scattered the water vapor in the soil.

4. Watering too little yellow leaves:

Without watering for a long time, the drought of the soil can also cause yellow leaves, often manifested as dry tip.

Solution: first pour a little water for Wenzhu, let the root restore the activity, and then pour it through for two hours.

5. Excessive fertilization yellow leaves:

Excessive fertilization causes roots, which will lead to large -scale yellow leaves, and generally accompanied by fallen leaves.

Solution: Change the potting roots as soon as possible.

What should I do?

1. Put off the bamboo from the flower pot and clean the soil of the root.

2. Remove all the root systems of bamboo rotten by disinfection, and the old roots and empty roots are also removed.

3. Soak the potassium permanganate solution at the root of the bamboo.

4. Put a layer of ceramic grains at the bottom of the flower pot to enhance the water permeability of the soil and avoid the second rotten roots.

5. Put the rotten leaf soil: rural soil: compost soil: sand is mixed according to the ratio of 3: 4: 2: 1, paved into the flower pot.

6. Re -plant the bamboo in the flower pot, water the water, and put it on the cool vent and slowly for a week.

What should I do if I die?

Under the premise of not rotten the roots, Wenzhu is about to die. How can I save it?

1. When the rhizomes are still healthy, you can use scissors to cut off the yellow leaves!

2. Put the Wenzhu in a cool and ventilated place, reduce watering, wait for the basin soil to dry and then pour it. For about half a month, Wenzhu will grow new leaves.

3. After beheading, the newly grown leaves will be green.

How does a bamboo bamboo change in multiple plants?

Wenzhu is a raw plant, and it will continue to grow new plants in the original flower pot. If it grows a lot, the flower pot cannot be installed. It needs to be divided into a pot to make it a multi -plant.

1. Take out the bamboo in the flower pot. Be careful not to hurt the root system of Wenzhu.

2. Wash the soil at the root of the bamboo.

3. Observe it carefully, you will find that there are some conid nodes in the root system. Here you can separate with your hands. If you ca n’t open it, do n’t use brute force, it may be wrong.

4. Apply some fungal spirit at the wound and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

5. After drying, each bamboo bamboo is separated.

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