10 houses in the city are not as good as the old house in the countryside!

This morning, Huahua’s father said that he dreamed last night and lived in his original old house. Huahua’s mother said that she is also in the original old house every time I dream of home. However, my house has been away from the old house for more than ten years.

There are many examples of lovers around me. Having moved away from the countryside for many years, he went to school, work, married his wife, and had children, but he took out the money that has been accumulated for many years to refuse the old house.

I rarely go back to my hometown on weekdays. What do I spend this injustice? They replied: “The house of my hometown is our roots. Although people live in the city, they will go home to reunite in the New Year, and they have to be in the old house. When we are old, it is also at ease when we go back to the old house. Last year, I went back to see the soil wall. Collapsed, this year simply build a new one. “

Think about it, it is true. The younger generation may be unknown, but in the hearts of the people who count in the 80s, the location of the old house is unparalleled.

Old rural house

It is the forever home of Youzi

No matter where you are asking for life, as long as the old house in his hometown is still there, there is still a retreat, and you have a sustenance.

If there is no old house and no hometown, then you are like the rootless duckweed, no matter how green the long, no matter how red, a gust of wind, a wave of rivers, you don’t know where to go.

Old rural house

Tightening the fading affection

If the children who go out are like a kite, the old rural house is the roller, and the sisters and brothers are tightly entangled together.

Even if the Quartet is busy green, but when he goes home to gather at the festival, this home is still a complete and warm home.

If the house is gone, the family will fade, the home will be scattered, and people will have no roots.

Old house in rural areas

Surrounded by a strong neighborhood

Neighbors in the countryside are full of humanity. I found that there was no oil and salt for cooking, and went to the neighbor’s house to borrow it; the door was open all day long, and I didn’t hear that anyone was stolen; the young children played together from the hutong. Righteous buddy brother …

The neighbors of the city, who have lived in the city for several years, do not know who the name is the door; the door of the city residents is always locked, and the new neighbor’s visit will not be called; I took various tuition classes … ridiculous and sighed.

The city is busy forgotten life

Rural scenery such as painting more surprises more

In spring, the warm wind urged Taohua Island.

In summer, boys and girls run all over the stream.

In autumn, the wheat waves are busy.

In winter, snowball skating fire burning.

Wait until the age

Put aside the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the countryside

When I was a kid, I was envious of people in the city, and I felt that the city was gorgeous like a kaleidoscope. As a result, a generation of young people in the countryside hurriedly walked out of the green mountains and green water, and walked into the high -rise building in the city.

However, when he was really in it, he found that he couldn’t really integrate into this crazy rotating new world.

Between the car and the high -rise building in the city, the soul is getting tired. Occasionally, when I think of life in the countryside when I was a kid, I was so kind and peaceful for a moment!

It is better to return to the countryside, and the puppy dogs that are raised by bars and nourishment are allowed to run all over the mountains.

The roads in rural areas are well repaired now, not as annoying as urban traffic jams, but also better than the city’s scenery. Run in the morning, slippery in the evening, fresh air, absolutely longer life.

Nothing, raising flowers and grass. No matter how small the yard, it is also necessary to take care of it.

Planting vegetables, fishing, ducks … Standing on the land, planting it yourself, eating it yourself, this is called solid.

The organic dishes in the city’s supermarkets are expensive, running once a day, not to mention it. The rural areas are different. Pure natural green vegetables are planted at the door of the house.

Make a simple side dish, it tastes more fragrant than the urban restaurant.

On weekdays, drinking small wine, playing cards, watching Xi Guang in the morning, returning lotus in the evening, a pile of wife and children in the evening, a few crickets became a symphony. Such a life is not better than holding mobile phones and iPad all day?

Prepare seasonal fruits and vegetables, make wine yourself, drink another taste.

Go to the big collection, spend three or five yuan, buy some grass flowers home and raise it.

Catch the two and take home to play for the child.

Sitting on the hillside, watching Yunjuan Yunshu, enjoying the shock brought by nature, the fatigue of the day has dissipated.

Born in the old rural house

The roots are deeply tied in the countryside

For people who are struggling outside

Old rural houses are their eternal home

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