20 common flowers are raised in the balcony color than rainbow!

Red flower

1. Rose

Speaking of red flowers, the first thing Huahua thinks of is the rose. The color of the rose is diverse. The red rose alone is divided into big red, pink, rose red …

2. Delta plum

In addition to the rose, there are also a lot of triangle plums, especially red, which is a dazzling!

3. Camellia:

Huahua remembers that every time the camellia blooms, when the New Year is in the New Year, it symbolizes the popularity of the day. Almost every household will have a pot of camellia!

Orange flower

1. Clivia

In the orange flower, the first thing to think of in his head is Clivia!

2. Orange lily:

Huahua prefers orange. After all, it is not as public as red, nor is it dazzling as yellow, making people look the most milder.

3, dry golden lotus

Although the dry golden lotus is a kind of climbing vine flower, some people will always do not play cards according to common sense, and only plant it with their own minds, it will become explosive!

4. Dalihua:

When it comes to Dalihua, there may not be many people know, but when you talk about sweet potato flowers, everyone knows what it is?

Yellow flower

1. Osmanthus

There is a osmanthus tree in the Huahua Community. When opening the window every morning, you can smell a sweet osmanthus taste, which makes people want to stop!

2. Chrysanthemum

It’s October 1st, and the people across the country will appreciate chrysanthemums. Whether it is the chrysanthemum raised at home, or the chrysanthemums placed in front of Tiananmen, there is a yellow Chancan!

Green flower

1. Green peony

Only the peony is true. As a symbol of grace and luxury, Peony has always been sought after by everyone, let alone green peony, it is very rare!

2. Green chrysanthemum

I usually see more yellow chrysanthemums, and this green is usually not very common!

3. Green doped

Green daisy is also a very common flower today. It is generally used as a cut flower material, embellished in the middle of red or yellow flowers, which looks very beautiful!

Blue flower

1. Hydrangea

Huahua has always felt that blue represents mystery, and when I saw a large blue hydrangea in the summer, I felt cool!

2, blue snowflake

Huahua prefers blue snowflakes, because it is really easy to raise. Even if it is not very careful, it can drive very well in the summer!

3. Graphye chrysanthemum

Sometimes, Huahua likes the clusters of small flowers, and this is the case.

White flower

1. Blossom blossom

Blossom flowers usually bloom at night, and every time it blooms, many people think that if you can see the flowers bloom in this life, it will be worth it!

2. Jasmine

The most common white flowers in life are jasmine. Jasmine is not only blooming, but also can be opened several times a year. It can be appreciated almost all year round. It is healthy and beautiful at home, healthy and beautiful!

Black flower

1. Mo chrysanthemum

Blossoms are rarely seen in life, but Mo Ju is one of them. The color of the chrysanthemum is dark purple, and the branches are black and purple, so it looks like black flowers.

2. Black peony

In fact, there are not many pure black flowers in the world, but because the red is too deep, it looks like black.

3. Black Prince

The most common black flower in life is the fleshy black prince.

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