5 kinds of plants suitable for roof greening

Leafy gardenia

The flower language of gardenia is really beautiful -eternal love and agreement.

There are a few trees on the roof. From spring to summer, a small white flower is clear and fragrant. A bamboo chair is placed next to it, reading books and tasting on it, don’t have some elegance.

The flowers of the leaflet gardenia can make the spice of tea. The fruit has the effect of clearing heat and dispeling fire, and it is also very convenient to cultivate. Pay attention to the soil and the surrounding air in daily maintenance. You can appreciate the elegant fragrant flowers!


If you want your garden to be vibrant and lively, then planting on the roof is the best choice last season.

Rose flowers, beautiful appearance, and many attitudes. Red stands for pure love; orange and yellow represents the atmosphere of youth; pink represents first love; white represents respect and lofty; blue represents precious; green represents innocence and red heart.

Rose breeding is very convenient. There are no too many requirements for soil and climate. I like warm and ventilated environments. It is suitable for planting on the roof.


Lavender always gives people a dreamy feeling, and the noble blue -purple color is always unforgettable.

Lavender always makes people feel implicit and firm. The two extremes of such contradictions collide together, more like a vigorous passage, and eventually their hands are moving.

I don’t know if you have watched the TV series of the lavender same name. The scenes inside are beautiful, especially the large lavender in the glass room, which is really beautiful.

Choose a rectangular flower box and plant a whole lavender. Whether it is screened with the sky or fantasy on the roof, I believe you will feel wonderful for your garden to have lavender.


Pure petals, a faint aroma, and every blooming flower is like a fairy who falls from the sky and does not know the fireworks on the earth, pure and elegant.

Magnolia is the most ideal flower of the courtyard to beautify the courtyard, which is also good for roof planting. Magnolia flowers are warm and cold -resistant, and can overwinter in the open field. They also have a certain purification effect on harmful gases. Imagine, you are lying on the roof, watching the clouds light and light, feeling a faint floral fragrance and fresh air, is it fascinating? Woolen cloth?

Moon seeing grass

The adaptability of the Moon Seeing grass is extremely strong, drought to cold and cold, and it is really a savvy choice for roof planting. You don’t need to take care of it carefully, you can appreciate its fresh flowers, with other flower plants, like a cute and playful girl next door.

It is said that girls send boys to see the morals of crush on the grass, is it very interesting?

In addition, there are many plants suitable for planting on the roof. I believe that everyone who is enthusiastic about life will take care of their garden. Finally, I want to use a sentence to adapt lyrics to wish you all the time. The life is not only in front of you, but also the sky on the roof, and the dazzling garden.

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