6 kinds of super fast flowers, two months full of balcony!


Drugs are recognized as fast flowers, and it is simply too simple to grow into a waterfall.

Crazy long tips:

1. Pour water or rice water every 3-5 days. The branches and leaves will replenish water immediately, and it will soon recover.

2. Drug abuse grows quickly. After a few months, it will become a waterfall. After growing into a waterfall, spray water to moisturize more water on the leaves.

3. Drugs can grow in shade and can grow in a cool place, but it is easy to grow, resulting in sparse leaves. Therefore, we must put it in a bright astigmatism environment, such as east and west balconies and south window sills, and appropriately receive light, and drugs will grow up!


Wenzhu is also particularly easy to grow crazy, especially when it is planted in the yard, it can really grow into a wall!

Crazy long tips:

1. Wenzhu likes water. If you want it to grow fast, you must not let the native period of lack of water. Once you touch the pot soil, you will immediately pour water. As long as the water keeps up, the bamboo can grow!

2. The rigidity is directly related to the root system. The root system that has just been bought is not good. You can cover the potted soil near the roots with plastic bags and keep the pot soil moist. Strong root system. Of course, if the temperature exceeds 28 degrees, don’t use this method.

3. Although the demand for fertilizers in Wenzhu is not large, if it is given some fertilizer, it will grow faster. Perform thin composite liquid fertilizers once in spring, summer, autumn, and nitrogen-containing fertilizer. , Tao rice water and so on.

4. Spray water around the leaves in the summer, so that the leaves can make the leaves more green. In addition, do not keep the bamboo for a long time to conceal it.

Peony Schilan

Peony Schilan is also a common flower in the family. This guy is really skinny and looks fast!

Crazy long tips:

1. Fertilize, and apply thin fertilizer during the growth period. Do not be too thick. Compound fertilizer and potassium dihydrogen phosphate are used for alternate, diluted and then poured, it is not easy to root. The fertilization interval is half a month.

2. When the peony hanging orchid sees the sun, it will be more flowing. Usually you must bask in the sun, but the temperature in summer is too high to pay attention to shading.

3. If you want more peony spider orchids, you can choose cuttings. Spring and autumn cuttings are the easiest to live. It is easier to live for two days in summer. You can choose a garden soil to add rot. Watering after cutting after cutting is easier to grow, it is not easy to rot. Two to 3 days after cuttings, keep the soil moist.

Bump into the fragrance

There is a characteristic of touching incense that it will make an apple -like aroma by touching it. In addition, it has a characteristic that it is particularly easy to reproduce. This year, a branch is inserted, and next year will be several large pots.

Crazy long tips:

1. The bumper incense basically does not need to be tube type, and the ground is planted. The outdoor is placed out of the spring and summer.

2. Touch the old leaves under the incense. As the plant grows, it will continue to cut off, otherwise it will hinder the growth of the new bud.

3. Touching incense fertilizer is mainly based on phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

4. It is particularly simple to touch the fragrant cuttings. Basically, it is rooted in the roots. For a long time, watering in the soil is not needed.

Molten bamboo plum

There are green on the hanging bamboo and plum leaves. Some are purple. The most common is purple. It is very beautiful. It is very suitable for decorating home in the living room and bedroom.

Crazy long tips:

1. Drink bamboo plums are resistant to yin, but it is placed in the south balcony and east -west balcony of the indoor gitons. Remember not to put it in a hidden environment for a long time, such as: North Balcony.

2. If you want to grow into a waterfall quickly, you can apply the leaf surface fertilizer. It is about 15-20 days. The composite liquid fertilizer should be applied. Do not contain too much nitrogen fertilizer, which will fade the leaves of the leaves. Don’t give it when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees in summer.

3. Spray water to moisturize more in the summer, not only make the leaves more oily, but also reduce the indoor temperature and make the home cooler.

4. Cuttings and divisions can be used for reproduction. Cuttings are wider, and the strong branches are selected to cut off the soil, which is easy to take root.

Dry golden lotus

The dry golden lotus is a kind of vine flower, yellow or orange flowers, and a shelf can develop flower waterfalls, which is very beautiful.

Crazy long tips:

1. If you want to bloom more, nitrogen fertilizer cannot be applied, and more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied. You can apply rotten rice water once a month. The ratio of fat and water is 1:10.

2. The dry golden lotus is not heat -resistant, and it cannot be exposed to summer.

3. The dry golden lotus likes the pot soil wet. Water in 1-2 days in the summer, spray water around the leaves, and keep a higher humidity.

4. Gorin lotus generally breeds with seeds, and can also be cut in buds. The top branches of 5-7 cm of 5-7 cm can be cut into the soil, placed in a place where astigmatism ventilation, and poured once.

I want my own flowers and plants to grow more vigorously,

Just learn it quickly!

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