8 kinds of plants suitable for autumn viewing


Since ancient times, chrysanthemums have been widely favored by literati and Mo Ke. In ancient times, people admired its high winds, chanting poetry, and celebrities. “It is not a chrysanthemum in the flowers, this flower is even more flowers.” It is a beautiful choice to appreciate chrysanthemum in autumn. The flowers bloom in the autumn, the flowers are bright, and the flowers are beautiful and elegant. There is always a sense of independence and feathers.


On the other side, the name is both poetic and beautiful. Regarding the legend of the other side of the flower, I believe that many people are moving, and angels and devils are often just apart. Legend has it that the other side of the flower is a flowering flower on Huangquan Road, which can evoke the memory before life. These are just legends. The other side of the flower is also known as Manjushahua, with strange flowers, colorful colors, and wrong flowers and leaves. It is a common ornamental plant in Southeast Asia.

Night incense

At night, the whole plant looks very fresh, and the yellow -green flowers are quietly blooming in the evening, releasing a strong floral fragrance, nostalgic and next to the flower branches, but more elegant taste.

However, when watching the night incense, you need to pay attention to preventive measures. The fragrance of the incense in the night is strong at night, and it is harmful to the human body after inhalation. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not do too much before the flowering at night.

Osmanthus fragrans

Osmanthus has a very important position in my country. As one of the top ten traditional flowers in my country, it is naturally not necessary to say more about viewing value. Imagine that in the cool autumn night, osmanthus blooms silently, put a bamboo chair under the tree, taste a pot of old wine, talk about freehand life with friends. Isn’t it beautiful?


Hibiscus has a lot of effects. In addition to garden viewing, it can also be consumed and medicinal. It is an important flower -viewing shrub in summer and autumn. The color is elegant and fresh, with a bell -like style, embellished between the green leaves, and the delicate tenderness is really beautiful.


Entering autumn, roses can still bloom, and the flowering period can be as long as half a year. Rose flowers have beautiful flowers, tenacious vitality, pink and tender, and the overall looks cute and playful. The people who watch are happy.

Wood hibiscus

The color of the wood hibiscus is the most praised. Most of the flowers have only one color on the single plant, and the color of the wood hibiscus will change. When it is in full bloom, it becomes dark red and gradually becomes pink and white. In the process, there may be a tree three colors, isn’t it amazing?


The flowers are also called Wei Tuohua. The idioms of the flowers must be known that many people know that the flowers are pure and white, and the flowering time is only a few hours in a hurry, but the flowers are beautiful when blooming. The flower fragrance of the flower can make the indoor air fresh, and it is a beautiful and useful flower. If you are lucky enough, it is really beautiful enjoyment to see a white flowers bloom in full bloom!

Autumn has arrived, it is better to choose a flower viewing event in a leisurely and bright day!

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