A few slices of sweet potato leaves, 1 corn beard, cook in the pot, healthy and healthy!

Corn beard

Corn must be used:

Use corn to make tea, which can reduce blood sugar, diuretic swelling, and promote the absorption of the stomach, enhance people’s metabolism, and delay the production of wrinkles.

Good health


1. Rinse the corn with water, then brew it with hot water, and drink the upper layer of clearing liquid. You can add an appropriate amount of honey according to your own taste, which is more sweet.

2. When cooking corn, do not peel it, clean the corn, put it in the pot to cook, remove the corn, and drink the soup.

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3. Put corn beards, chrysanthemums, and wolfberry in a casserole for an hour to completely dissolve the nutrients into the water, and then make corn tea.

4. Breeding corn beards with green tea, the taste is more delicious.

Sweet potato


Sweet potato leaves can improve the body’s immunity, promote metabolism, and make the skin more delicate and smooth, delay aging, and rich nutritional components.

Planting method:

Sweet potato leaves can be planted at home by themselves, simple and convenient.

1. Choose better sweet potatoes, do not have bad places.

2. Wash the sweet potatoes, then find a bowl of water, soak the sweet potatoes into the water, and place it in the astigmatism ventilation.

3. The temperature is high in summer, and the sweet potatoes can be long for a few days. When maintenance, add water to the bowl in time.

4. You can grow new leaves with sweet potatoes for about a week. It can be eaten in two weeks. Some time ago, Huahua just fry a plate of sweet potato leaves N (*▽ ▽ ≦*) N.


Method 1: Stir -fry

Wash the sweet potato leaves, pour the peanut oil in the hot pot, and then pour the onion and garlic into the hot oil and stir -fry. After there is a flavor, pour the sweet potato leaves into the pan and cook. Add salt and soy sauce.

2. Steamed potato leaf

Wash the sweet potato leaves, dry it, then add the flour and stir well, then put it in the steamer and steam it. After steaming, cool the sweet potato leaves for a few minutes, then put it in the pot, add peanut oil, garlic juice, soy sauce, salt, salt, salt, salt When the seasoning, stir well, you can export, but the taste is very delicious.

Flowers, what else do you have to eat

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