A kind of flower in January, let you have flowers every day, there is a reward of flowers on the moon and the moon


(Author: Desert, Ye Weiyang Source: Sina Weibo) 1. When the sun is directly shocked at noon in the summer, it is easy to be exposed. 2. Watering in summer must be timely. It must be poured once every 1 to 2 days, or the hydrangea is pulled down in the shade, which indicates that the watering should be.

July-Bowl Lotus

1. Dry more sun, it is best to be able to go straight to the sun. 2. Add water in time. It is best not to be less than two -thirds of the water level. 3. You can apply fertilizer 2 to 3 times a month. You can use nutrient solution or slow release fertilizer. Just throw it in.


1. Watering should be dried through, and sprinkle water on the leaves every day to keep the air humidity. 2. Fertilizes twice a month of growth, you can choose beancake fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and compound fertilizer. 3. Keep sufficient light, it is best to put it on the balcony and accept direct light ~


1. Light is very important, so chrysanthemums are best cultivated in open -air, which receives direct light. If you cannot cultivate in the open air, you must also be placed on the South Bowl. 2. If you want a lot of chrysanthemums, you must fertilize it. The growth period is about 1 week. The fertilizer can choose compound fertilizer, or bean cake fertilizer, and the organic fertilizer made by yourself. 3. Watering sees dry and wet, the amount of evaporation in summer is relatively large, and water must be poured once in about 2 to 3 days.


1. Be sure to have sufficient light. Dali flowers must be maintained on the South Bowl, and the open -air balcony is even better! 2. See dry and wet watering. In this season, water will be poured once in about 2 to 3 days, otherwise it is easy to miss the water ~


1. Camellia like acidic soil. You can add a little vinegar when watering in the north. 2. Camellia is not resistant to movement, so do not move on the South Bowl, it will cause it often. 3. Watering should be dried and wet, and water should not be accumulated.


1. The ventilation must be good. You can place it in a transparent living room in the north and south, or the windows and balconies facing south. 2. Watering to see dry and wet. If you are sure, it is best to keep the surface of the pot soil moist for a long time. 3. When the summer is exposed to the sun, it should be shaded with orchids, otherwise it is easy to cause the leaves of orchid’s leaves to burn and scorch.


1. Keep sufficient light, not less than 4 hours a day. 2. Change the water in time, change the water once a day in the past two weeks, and change the water once in two days. 3. The temperature is kept between 4 degrees and 25 degrees.

February-Fairy Come

1. The water must be sufficient, and the water will be poured once in about 1 to 2 days, otherwise it will change the whole. 2. Maintain adequate sunlight, it is best to place it in the South Bowl and the south window sill. 3. Keep the temperature at about 20 degrees Celsius ~


1. Enhanced light, but shadowing at noon in summer. 2. Cymbidium cannot be moved casually, don’t move if you find a place. 3. Generally, you can change the basin for 2 to 3 years, and it is not good to change frequently. 4. Watering must be wet and wet, and water cannot be accumulated.


1. I like acidic soil, so you can add a little vinegar or sulfate when watering ~ 2. 2. Potted azaleas can be placed on the southeast balcony. Cloudy. 3. Watering sees dry and wet, water cannot be accumulated, and water is poured once every 3 to 5 days.


1. The best rose is open -air breeding, which is exposed to direct light. 2. Watering should be dried and wet, but the amount of evaporation in summer is relatively large, so it takes 1 to 2 days to water, otherwise it is easy to dry. 3. Stop the fertilizer in summer, and wait for the root fertilizer to bury the root fertilizer in winter. Dear friends, what have you raised?

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