African ice grass breeding methods and precautions

African ice grass breeding method


The appropriate growth temperature of African ice grass is between 20–30 ° C, which is relatively cold, but the growth and growth of summer cultivation is sensitive to high temperature.


African ice grass has the growth characteristics of drought resistance. Irrigation should be carried out when the soil surface is sees dry. At the same time, pay attention to drainage.


African ice grass is more resistant to barren. It is a whisper -shaped root and densely born. It has the characteristics of a sand cover and deeper into the soil. It is an excellent soil and water conservation plant and sandwich plant. See it.


The appropriate planting time is generally 20-40 days after sowing, and 4–5 leaves grow. Depending on the place of origin, you can also live broadcast. If you want to increase the rate of the show or harvest for a long time, it is suitable for seedling cultivation.

Precautions for breeding in African ice grass

Method of harvesting

When harvesting African ice grass, the scissors should always spread. The main harvest is about two months of side branches after sowing. In addition, it should be stored at low temperature during transportation, or when the early morning temperature should be used to transport it, it needs to be pre -cooled after harvesting.

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