African Phoenix’s breeding method and precautions

Breeding method

Temperature and light

The growth temperature of the African Phoenix is between 15 ° C and 25 ° C, and the wintering temperature of the indoor should not be less than 12 ° C.Give adequate light, but avoid sun exposure, cool in summer, and shade and ventilate in moderation.


African Fengxian is wet, and often keeps pot soil moisturizing while avoiding water accumulation, otherwise it is easy to cause plants to be died of waterlogging.Maintain suitable air humidity, generally about 70%-90%.In the case of dry weather in summer and autumn, water should be sprayed on the leaves.


African phoenixes should be cultivated with fertile and well -drained sandy loam soil for cultivation.


Do a good job of prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests to ensure the healthy growth of the plant.Common diseases include leaf spots and stem rot hazards, and can be sprayed with 1000 times liquid to 50%of the multi -bacterial wettable powder for prevention and treatment.Pests are mainly dangers of aphids. It should be sprayed with 10%of insect sperm oil 3000 times in time.

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