African pupa breeding methods and precautions

African pupa breeding method


African 的 likes a warm environment. The growth temperature is about 16-24 ° C, from April to October, 18-24 ° C, and 12-16 ° C from October to April. High temperature is not conducive to its growth. Generally, the temperature should not exceed 30 ° C during the day. The temperature at night in winter cannot be lower than 10 ° C, otherwise frost damage is prone to occur.


African 的 likes the growth environment of semi -yin and is suitable for growing under scattering light. Smoking properly in summer to avoid causing sunburn sunburn in Africa and keep the leaves green. However, if the indoor light is inadequate for a long time, the growth of African crickets will grow slowly, not blooming or long.


Africa is more humid, keeps the soil moist, the temperature in early spring is low, and watering should not be too much to avoid rotting stems and leaves. It is usually better to water in the evening in the evening. Watering is usually watered, and the air humidity of the surrounding environment is increased by spraying water. , Wipe clean in time, otherwise it will cause the leaves to rot. The temperature of autumn and winter gradually decreases, and the watering is appropriately reduced.


To achieve light fertilizer, during the growth of Africa, fertilizer is usually applied every 10 days. The fertilizer should be based on a thin rotten liquid fertilizer or composite fertilizer with nitrogen and phosphorus. The phenomenon of lush and flowering. The ratio of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer should be 1: 1: 1.


African 松 likes loose and fertile soil. Generally, it can be made by mixing sandy loam soil, or mixed with rotten leaf soil, peat soil and sand soil.

Precautions for breeding in Africa

Under a high -temperature and humid climate, African tadpoles are often prone to dying, pink disease and leaf rot. At this time, 10%antibacterial 401 acetate solution 1000 times solution Essence The pests of African pimples include graded insects and red spiders. They often occur during the growing period of the plant. It can spray 40%oxidation and fruit oil 1000 borrowing liquid to prevent pests.

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