After watching these flowers, the Green Dellaxia on the balcony was thrown by me

Gold upside down (lantern flower)

Humidity: The growth of the golden bell requires a higher humidity. It must be sprayed with water around the leaf surface and the flower pots in the morning and evening. At noon in summer, spray water around the flower pot to increase the humidity of the air, and use evaporation to take away heat. Temperature: The suitable growth temperature is 15 ° C to 25 ° C. If the temperature in the summer exceeds 30 degrees, measures such as sprinkler water must be taken to cool down. Light: Xiguang, but not hot sun, shade at noon in summer, and indoor farming can be placed on the South balcony. Watering: See dry and wet. In the summer high temperature period, water should be watered in the evening. See if the surface is dry 2 ~ 3cm before watering. Overall map ▼

(Author: Stinky Fart Li’s Home Source: Tap Hua Wing)

Xia Ju (celebrities Qianqiu)

Light: If there is conditions, it is best to let Xia Ju take full sunlight so that there can be more flowering. If the conditions are insufficient, please also put it on the South Balcony or the South Window. Watering: Watering can be wet and wet, but water cannot be accumulated, and water accumulation is easy to rot. Now the weather is hot, pour the water for about 2 to 3 days. Pruning: If you want Xia Ju to open the pot, you must always top up and hit it. After 3 ~ 4 pairs of true leaves grow, cut off the top 1cm and cut off the top of 1cm. ~ Overall map ▼

Medal chrysanthemum

Light: Medal chrysanthemum needs to be maintained in a good place, so it is best to put it on the South Bowl. It would be better if it was dew! But when the sun is sunny in summer, it should be shaded ~ Temperature: The suitable growth temperature of the medal chrysanthemum is 10 ~ 30 ° C, and the temperature exceeds 30 degrees. better! Watering: Watering can usually be wet. Note that in the rainy season of the south, the outdoor medal chrysanthemum should be poured off in time, otherwise it is easy to rot. Humidity: In summer, the air humidity in the room is best not to be too high, and water should not be accumulated in the flower pot, otherwise it is easy to contaminate bacteria. Overall map ▼

(Author: Elviraxu Source: Medal Chrysanthemum)

Blue -saving chrysanthemum

Light: Blue -ray chrysanthemum likes sufficient light, so it is best to expose it. Those who have no conditions should be placed on the south windows and balconies. Pruning: After the top of the blue -eyed chrysanthemum, you can bloom more after the top of the top, and the plant type is plump. Therefore, when the seedlings are raised, you must get topping. After growing a new branch, you should be told again. It should be almost the same. Breeding: The cuttings of Blue -based chrysanthemums are very easy to live. Tooling the cuts and cuts that can be cut off and cut directly. The survival rate is about 80%~ Watering: Blue -based chrysanthemums are like water. Once the water is missing, the flowers will be pulled down directly. Therefore, the watering must be sufficient. The summer is hot, and it must be watered once every 2 to 3 days. Overall map ▼

Blue snowflake

Watering: Blue snowflakes like water. If indoor breeding, you have to give water once in 3 to 5 days. Xiguang, but you ca n’t expose the sun, especially in summer, you must cover it at noon, you can usually put it on the east and west balconies ~ the overall picture ▼

Okay, the Huahua is introduced, do you like what flower friends do you like?

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