Agarica’s breeding method and precautions

Joan’s seeding method

The sowing time of Qionghua is generally taken out before and after its Ching Ming Festival, and the previous year is taken out, remove the outer hard shell, soak in warm water for 24 hours, wait until shell is soften after softening. Note that it is difficult to seize the seedlings after the seeds of untreated seeds.

After sowing seeds, generally can seize the seedlings in about 1 month, the first leaf of seedlings can be properly blocked. It is best not to see light at noon, so as not to evaporate too fast, resulting in small seedlings.

If you often find the phenomenon of curl, it will be restored in the evening.

Method of trimming

Trimming is the most important step in the process of Joanhuahua.

New flower bideware will be differentiated after a year. The second year of March began to give birth to the flower bud. Therefore, after the boy, you should take a short intercept, and the branches growing too fast, avoiding the growth of the agar, the branches below.

With the continuous growth of Qionghua, the branches will gradually aging, and they will be reimbuished. Keep 50 cm thick branches, the remaining tree crown is all cut off and promotes germination new branches.

Diqi pests and disease prevention

Qionghua often appears in the phenomenon of yellowing in the breeding process, pay attention to the timely supplementation of phosphorus, and spray a ferrous sulfate solution once a week.

The blade of the Qionghua is covered with fur, generally will not be subject to pest. But the bacteria are attached to the blade, especially the rainy season. So it is necessary to spray a Bordess liquid every month and often ventilate.

Qionghua’s farming precautions

The root of Qionghua has strong adaptability, and the principle of thin fat during the growth period is supplemented with the principle of thin fat.

Family potted quad can choose a method of sowing, or select a small seedlings to plant directly. General choice of spring or deep autumn with pots, can improve survival.

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