Air pineapple only opens a flower

Air pineapple flower

The normal air pineapple flower is in the autumn or early spring, but there is no specific time in the room, as long as the environment is suitable.The flowers will basically maintain 2 to 3 weeks, and a life will only open once.

Will the air pineapple will die after flowering?

Yes, but will not immediately die, and will grow for 1 to 2 years after flowering.But everyone can use this opportunity to reproduce the descendants.

The flower of the air pineapple began to wither, it is recommended to cut off these withered pedicers, which will produce more small seedlings.When the small seedlings of the branch begins, the leaves at the bottom of the plant began to loosen, exhibit a worous, and do not cut the leaves at this time because these places are the position of the buds of the seedlings.When the seedlings grow up, it can be planted, and the mother plant can rest.

Air pineapple flower

The divisor is usually carried out after the air phoenix mother strains.Cut off the wilted blade on the mother Strap, then gently strained small seedlings with hand, basically not expensive.Don’t lose your mother strains immediately, gradually withered air pineapple may also produce more plant seedlings.

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