Aloral Queen’s breeding method and precautions

Breeding method

Choose suitable pot soil

The queen queen queen is the same as ordinary plants. I like to reproduce in the soil where the drainage is good. In the soil that is not suitable for the plate, it can mix some ash in the soil to improve the breathability of the soil.

Choose sufficient light

The aloe queen needs sufficient light during the growth period, but the just -implanted queen queen queen is not suitable for direct light. It is best to expose the sun only every morning, and then adapt to the sun after it thrives.

Choose special fertilizers

The Queen Queen’s requirements for fertilizer are high. Not only the necessary but phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, but also some special trace elements, so try to use the organic fertilizer of fermentation when choosing fertilizer for the queen of the aloe.

Good drainage system

The queen queen needs sufficient water, but the most afraid of water accumulation. If it is in a humid seasonal drainage system, it is likely that the leaves are atrophy and the branches are dry.


The queen of Aloe is growing slowly in the seedling period, but it grows rapidly in adulthood and has a long life.

The seeds of the aloe vera are extremely rare, so the queen queen must take good care of the aloe queen when they are fired.

The above is the breeding method and precautions of the aloe queen queen queen compiled by everyone. I hope that the aloe queen in my family will grow up healthy and thrive.

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