And how to raise Tilian

And Tilian’s maintenance method


Pay attention to the sun in breeding and Tilian. Because Tilian likes light, it is usually maintained in places with sufficient light. Just pay attention not to have a direct light.


The flowers that are poured with flowers with Ti Lian must be good, and the water must be good. Generally, pay attention to the depth of water, and Tilian is aquatic plant. When adding water, pay attention. Generally, it is good to be flat. Too deeper and shallow will have a bad impact on it.

Pay attention to spray water frequently in summer, and meet the needs of water without water dehydration.


When breeding and Tilian, the temperature should be appropriate, and generally cannot be lower than 5 ° C. In winter, pay attention to keep it in the room for heat preservation.

And Tilian’s breeding precautions


Treatment and Tilian should pay attention to ventilation, keep the ventilation, and the air will be more circulating, so that diseases and insect pests will not be prone to, and Tilian’s growth will be better.

Rotten root treatment

When the rotten roots appear with Tilian, the rotten roots should be treated in time. Generally, when the water surface becomes turbid or even smells, the root system may have rotten. Cut off the rotten root system and keep the healthy part.

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