Aquaculture method

Daily management

Potted phoenix, the summer should reduce the light, placed in a cool place in the outdoor, pay attention to the water, keep the pelvic moist, and sprinkle water to the ground, thus maintaining the moist of air, so that the plant The branches of the leaves are green.

In the summer, it will dry the phoenix leaf, and it should be properly reduced to prevent stuffing. Winter is placed in the room for maintenance. Controlling the moisture of the plant, prevention and treatment, stop fertilization, keeping room temperature can be above 10 ° C.

Change the basin fertilization

During the growth of phoenix, it is necessary to apply every 20 days. When fertilizing, the rusted bean cake or liquid fertilizer is used. The temperature in winter is low, and the plants are dormant. It should stop fertilization and maintain daily care.

Phoenix bamboo can be exchanged once 2 years. The potted phoenix should be formed by mixing soil, garden soil, and a small amount of appropriate.

Breeding method

The phoenix bamboo can be used to breed or seed reproduction. Plant reproduction can be carried out in early spring. Pour the grungy strain from the soil, then cut the rhizome with a knife to perform the upper basin.

Seed breeding should be carried out in 4-5 months in the year, and the seeds should be used to soak seeds for about 2 days before sowing. After the month, the month can sprout, the bud seedlings grow slower, and the training can be cultured for half a year.

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