Arab mother -in -law’s related varieties

Two fissure mother -in -law

Two cracks, the plant height is about 50cm, and opens white, blue or purple flowers. Its flowering period is mainly from April -August.

The distribution of the two cracks in my country is still widely distributed. It is very common in the northwest and western regions. Most of them grow in the grassland and hillside of the wasteland.

Bending Mother -in -law

Bended mother -in -law, the plant is relatively short. Between 5 and 15cm, when blooming, the color is mainly blue or light blue.

Benefits have a lot of distribution in the northwestern region of our country, such as Xinjiang Tibet and other places, usually growing in wasteland and hillside.

Mother -in -law

Mother -in -law is a perennial herb, which is a relatively common one. It is beautiful and beautiful. The main colors are blue, white and lilac, which is suitable for planting by plants.

The flowering period of her mother -in -law is mainly from March -October, and the flowering is relatively long -lasting. It is widely distributed in our country. And eating.

Mother -in -law of Hongye

The mother -in -law of Mother -in -law is short. Its main feature is that it is red, and the flowering is mainly white or light blue. It is more common in the northwestern region of my country.

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