As long as you pay attention to 1 point, gardenia jasmine, safe and summer proper drip


Note: Watering & ventilation

Maybe many flower friends think that the most important thing in the meaty summer is watering, but as far as the experience of flowers, watering and ventilation are a good partner. It will not escape the fate of black rot.

Wealth tree

Note that 90 % of the watering tree is watered to death, so watering in summer is also the top priority of the maintenance of the fortune tree, but summer does not allow you to water less, but let you increase the number of watering times appropriately.

For example, you used to pour water once a month, so now you can change it to water for half a month.


Note: Light green dill cannot be exposed to the sun, but if you want to grow constantly, you still need to be appropriate.

Summer green dill is not suitable for placing on the Nanda platform. It should be placed on the east and west balconies. It accepts the softer light in the morning and evening, or it is placed in a bright light living room.


Note: Pot soil is alkaline. This is a problem that many northern flower friends will encounter. The soil in the north is generally alkaline, and gardenia can only survive in a sour soil.

Therefore, when the flower friends in the north are maintained, 1 ~ 2 drops of vinegar can be added during watering.


Pay attention to the points: Light & watering as the saying goes, the unbearable jasmine is enough to explain how Jasmine likes light, but Huahua has recently seen a flower friend saying that his jasmine is dying outside … the big sun and the big big big big sun and big big big big sun and big big big sun and big big big sun and big big big sun and big big big sun and big big big sun and big big big sun and big big big sun and big big. Water is combined together. If Jasmine does not water the sun, it is absolutely dead.

Let the jasmine be in the sun, watering must be kept up, and water must be poured once every 1 to 2 days.


Pay attention to the point: why the shade is ugly in summer, one is because the temperature is too high, and the other is to be sun -exposed. The temperature cannot be changed, so it can only cover the rose.

You can set up a sunscreen network. If it is a rose of the interior, you can pull the curtains ~

Spidering orchid

Pay attention to the point: The breeding of the air humidity of the humidity requires a relatively high air humidity. If the air humidity is not enough, it will cause dry tip ~

Sprinkle water around the hanging orchid and the leaves. Be careful not to sprinkle water at noon.


Note that the air humidity is very small. Once the air humidity in the room is not enough, the leaves are yellow in minutes.

Spray water on the leaves of Wenzhu every day to increase the humidity of the air. At the same time, watering must be sufficient. It must be watered once every 2 to 3 days. Only when the water is sufficient, the bamboo leaves will not be yellow.

Okay, here is here today. If you still want to know, you can tell Huahua in the message ~

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