As soon as the flowers in her house opened, Shili and Eight Township all ran to see, and the threshold was stepping on


常 This is our most common puppet flower ~ open at night,

The color of the petals is like snow, delicate and clear, and is loved by many flower friends.


The arrow lotus flows, just like its name, layer by layer,

There are several layers of petals than other arrow lotus!


When the arrow lotus flowers see this flower, what I think of the first moment is:

You are you, it is a different firework!

Dr. Rudy Cod

The arrow lotus actually comes to the word cod. Who knows that this is not cod but the arrow lotus.

But this color is also beautiful!

American girl

The name of the arrow lotus is really right, girls ~ just want to be pink and tender ~

Spring Gold

Let the arrow lotus, how can the golden gold look like the teeth and dance!

French gold

Oh, the arrow lotus, it must be a sunny day when taking pictures! Look at this color, how bright!

Pink feathers

Is the pink petals like a layer of feathers like the pink petals?

Edi Pattitz

The color matching of arrow lotus is like a oil painting!


The bright red of the arrow lotus brighten the eyes of the flowers!


Make arrow lotus! With such pink colors, Huahua’s hearts have recovered again!

Lili Dash

The color of the arrow lotus is elegant. If it is not its leaves, the flowers may think it is the iron wire!


Let the arrow lotus see yellow flowers again, but Madeleine’s color looks super gentle!


The color of the orange -red color of arrows looks a little heavy ~

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