As soon as the wastewater was poured, the flowers were crazy, one day!

Air conditioning condensed water

Summer, have you already turned on the air conditioner? Friends in the southern region may not wait to stay in the air conditioning room all day! So do you let it flow directly? It’s a waste!

The benefits of air -conditioning condensation water:

The formation of air -conditioning condensed water is similar to distilled water. Generally, pollution is relatively small, and it is soft water. The acid and alkali degree are neutral. It is very suitable for watering.


1. Put a bucket to pick up the water in the place where the condensed water.

2. Then place the water in the room for 1 to 2 days. When the temperature and room temperature are the same, you can directly pour the flowers.

Applicable flowers:

All flowers can be used.


It’s summer, and the rainwater has gradually increased, so the flowers start to consider, and let the rain come to pour the flowers ~

The benefits of watering flowers

Rain water is formed by cold water vapor in the air, and the nitrogen element in the air is condensed in a large amount in rainwater. When it encounters lightning, it will become nitric oxide. As the rain falls, it can increase the nitrogen in the soil. ,,

Secondly, rain can also prevent soil boards ~


1. There are more rain in summer. You can put a bucket of water on the open -air balcony or the top of the building during the rain, but save it when you store it for too long, or sealed it. Worm.

2. Use the flower to be used directly when watering.

Pay attention to the points:

Considering the current environmental pollution, some areas with severe pollution can be collected after the rain is under the rain, because in the early rain, there are more pollutants.

How to collect rainwater:

You can use an umbrella to connect the rain ~ Tie the umbrella into a picture, but this method is more suitable for flower friends with lower floors ~ high -rise users are more dangerous to use this method.

Applicable flowers:

All flowers can be used ~

Tap water

Now the sun is so poisonous, Huahua just wants to stay indoors, but this weather can exactly the water.

Why use the tap water to pour flowers?

As we all know, tap water should be disinfected, and general disinfection is bleaching powder. After this material and water are dissolved, hydrochloric acid will be produced, which is not good for the growth of plants. However, this material will decompose after seeing light. The reason why tap water is exposed and then poured flowers ~


Use the bucket to use the bucket or other containers, and put it under the sun for a long time to one day, and it can be used almost.

Applicable flowers:

All flowers can be used ~

Vinegar tap water

Flowers have also been raised by jasmine gardenia. Compared with the south, these plants in the north are indeed more difficult. The most important point is that the pot soil is alkaline.

Why add vinegar in tap water?

The water quality of the tap is alkaline, and the long -term use of tap water is poured in flowers, which is easy to make the original or acidic soil alkali, which is not conducive to the growth of plants. In order to improve this situation, you need to add some vinegar to the water. And some water pH.


Every time you water it, add 1 ~ 2 drops of vinegar to the water, white vinegar or vinegar is okay ~

Applicable flowers:

It is more recommended for plants such as jasmine, gardenia, rhododendron, camellia, etc.

Laundry water

Most of the clothes in summer are closely personal. Huahua is still used to hand -washing, but every time I wash my clothes, I also pour a lot of water. I always feel a bit wasteful.

The benefits of watering flowers in laundry:

Washing water contains washing powder, and the main ingredient of laundry powder is sodium dulate -sodium benzene sulfonate, which can kill insects and inhibit the hatching of mites eggs. The laundry powder water can dissolve the wax of the worm, and then attach to the worm to the insects. On the body, a layer of film is formed to suffocate the bugs to death.


Huahua is not the first time to wash clothes. The concentration of laundry powder in the first time is too high to burn the plant, but the water after washing the clothes can be used ~

Pour a small bowl in 2 ~ 3 days.

Applicable flowers:

Flowers that are more suitable for flowers that like neutral soil or soil with alkali can be used ~ For example, green plants such as bamboo, almost all can be used ~

Water washing water

What do you often cook at home, how do you deal with vegetable washing water? Just pour it directly into the sink? Although Huahua cooks less, the water left over every time I wash the vegetables will contribute to my baby’s flowers!

What are the benefits of laundering water?

Some vegetables will have pesticides and fertilizer residues. After cleaning, these will remain in the water washing water. While pouring the flowers, they also give the flowers and fertilize the medicine!


1. Washing water suitable for watering flowers is not the kind of dishwashing. If the dish, salt and other substances are added when washing vegetables, it is not suitable for pouring flowers.

2. Save the remaining water in the remaining water, just use it directly when you should water ~

Applicable flowers:

All flowers are applicable ~

Publly beans (barley/eight treasure porridge) water

Huahua likes to drink porridge and soy milk, but it is like soybeans, barley, red beans and the like. You need to soak it for a while before you want to cook it! These soaked water, flowers are generally not thrown away, but will collect flowers ~ What are the benefits of watering flowers with beans?

Like water soy bean, some calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, selenium and other ingredients will be washed out of the soybeans. These ingredients can extend the flowering period and increase green plants.

In the water that is soaked in coarse grains, some substances will also be incorporated, which is beneficial to the growth of flowers.


1. Collect these water, put them in a container, and put it outdoors for 3 to 5 days.

2. It can be used directly to pour flowers, about half a month to 1 month.

Applicable flowers:

All flowers can be used ~

Fish raising turtles water

If you have these small animals such as fish raising or turtles, you can also use fish farming to pour flowers ~

The benefits of fishy water pouring flowers:

There are excretions of fish in fish farming water, which can provide fertilizer for flowers. At the same time, fish farming water generally presents slightly acidicity, which is very suitable for plant growth.


1. If the fish tank water is used, if there is no salt adding salt ~ When some flower friends are habitually adding a little salt to disinfection when changing the fish, or adding medicinal water, this kind of fish tank water is actually not suitable for watering flowers. Essence

2. The fertilizer is added to the fish tank. It is best to pour the flowers after double the water. Otherwise, there are too many nutrients, afraid of burning roots.

3. If there is no fish tank water with salt, potion, and fertilizer, it can be used directly to pour flowers, because it is placed indoors, and there will be no different temperature ~

Applicable flowers:

All flowers and plants can be used!


Garlic puree has always been seen as condiments, and I often see it on our dining table, but sometimes what should I do if there are more garlic mud? If you don’t want to eat it next time, you can pour flowers after soaking in water!

The benefits of soaking water in garlic:

Garlic juice has a bactericidal effect, and can also be deworming. There are many benefits ~


Fix the smashed garlic mud with a bowl of clear water, you can directly irrigate the roots, you can also put it in the watering pot and shake it well.

Applied flowers

All flowers can be used ~

Aspirin water

You should have a lot of drugs at home at home. Is aspirin one of them?

The role of aspirin:

The role of aspirin is great, like the salicylic acid contained in it can promote rooting, and disinfection and sterilization, and the effect has gone!


① 1 piece of Aspy water 5L, crush the aspirin, just pour the water directly!

② If it is used as rooted in water, crushes aspirin, and the proportion of water is 1: 5000. The cuttings used to cut cuttings in the aspirin solution for about 1 hour, and the rooting is much faster than the non -bubble.

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