As soon as you enter the succulent greenhouse, you can buy it, when can you change it?

Succulent old pile yanghuadaquan

The old pile is not difficult to develop, but you have to take a long time to develop. The blue stone lotus in the Huahua family has been raised for 2 years to finally have a wooden stem of about 5cm ~

However, some flower friends are more anxious, so you can go to the meat greenhouse, and then move on a pot of succulent and old piles home ~

Polychide basket yanghuadaquan

The succulent and flower basket are also very good ~ Every time you visit the succulent studio, you dare not bring your wallet. When you are afraid of it, the succulent and iron box are also very good, but if the iron box does not have a leakage hole flower, pour the water pour, and pour it in pouring. Pay attention to the water ~

At a glance, the flower cage below! Is it super beautiful? Hurry up and go home!

Succulent burst pot yanghuadaquan

Huahua likes to be full of meat, so every time I saw the flesh of the burst in the greenhouse, I couldn’t move, crying and shouting to buy …

These soft and meaty succulents simply poke into Huahua’s heart, and I can’t control my hand every time … Buy and buy!

Multi -meat rack yanghuadaquan

When visiting the greenhouse, Huahua is sometimes attracted by the shelves, and a row of fleshy fleshy is neatly placed, which looks super beautiful!

I really want to build such a shelf in my own home!

Multisanoplasty yanghuadaquan

What to do, see the succulent of the single pot, the flowers have stopped here for several minutes. Is it buying or not?

Alas, it’s almost cute! Don’t stop me! Buy and buy!

Succulent group yanghuadaquan

There is such a small cart that must be particularly cool, but unfortunately, you can’t put it on the window sill, if there is a yard …

Well, the succulent greenhouse is already finished. If the flower friends can control their own buying and buying methods, you can leave a message to Huahua ~ Huahua’s wallet has been stunned …

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