Aster’s breeding method and precautions

Aster’s farming method

Give water

Asia is hitting a moist environment, but it is afraid of wet, it is a shallow plant, so keeps the pelvic moist in the growth period, which facilitates the growth of plants, and the number of watering can be appropriately increased due to comparison.


Asia is warm, the sun is sufficient, and it is growing in a well-ventilated environment.

Aster’s response to the sunshine is relatively sensitive, it is like sunshine.


Aster’s solemn growth temperature is 15 ° C to 25 ° C, the cold resistance is relatively weak, and it is not hot.

Winter temperature cannot be less than 3 ° C, if the temperature is 0 ° C or less, the stem leaves will be frozen.

If the temperature exceeds 30 ° C in the summer, it will lead to less flowering, or postponed time.


Aster likes fertile moist, good drainage, generally uses loaf of soil, sofil soil, and fertilizes according to the growth of plants.

Aster culture precautions

Pay attention to moderate watering

Watering should be carried out according to the actual situation, the basin cannot be too moist, otherwise it will lead to a long, poured, and may have a disease, and excessive watering will also cause the urnia to die.

Keep long light

Ji Ji is so sunshine, if the length of the plant will grow vigorously, the plant will grow vigorously, the flowering period will be in advance. In contrast, if the sunshine is short, the plants will grow high, the flowering period will relatively Delay.

So placing the plants in a place where the sun is direct.

Frequent trim

Aster does not need to take care of it, but for the spectacles on the main branch, it can often trim the side branches, and the branches are kept 5-7 flowers.

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