August Guide’s breeding method and precautions

August Guide’s breeding method

Watering and waterlogging

During the period when the laurel needs to be watering in August, it should be watered in time within one month after the new planting, and it should be poured in time.It is recommended to spray water on the crown.In addition, it should be noted that in August, laurel is not resistant to waterlogging. After planting, pay attention to drainage in time to do a good job of drainage and prevent diseases from developing the plants.


The newly planted August Consultation should apply thin fertilizer for fertilization. In order to make the saplings better, nitrogen fertilizer is recommended.In addition, for the large tree seedlings, it can be applied three or four times a year.Pay attention to reasonable fertilizer, organic fertilizer can be used in spring, and instruments are used in winter.In addition, fertilization can be applied according to the rise of Gui Gui in August.

Branches and leaves

When germination in August, it must be trimmed out of all the useless buds.When trimming the branches, ensure that there is a certain distance between the branches, cut off the useless branches.Short the long top branches.


After irrigation or a lot of rainfall, in addition to paying attention to drainage, weeding and loose soil should be performed, so that this can effectively prevent soil knots.

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