Aurical breeding method and precautions

Aurical breeding method

Temperature and light

The suitable growth temperature of the agave is 15 to 25 ° C. Winter temperatures low cold drying to agave greater growth, wintering temperature above 5 ° C.

The agave you like light, daily maintenance is placed in a place where the sun is sufficient and well ventilated. The varieties of flowers need to be properly shade in the summer day to keep the color. In winter, the sunshine time is relatively short, try to provide sufficient sunshine, put it in the indoor sun.


The agave is not strict, generally choose loose, fertile, good drainous soil, and mix the ruster, and the soil soil, and add a small amount of bone powder.

Water fertilizer management

The requirements of agave on the water is not high. It must be given a sufficient moisture during its growth, and you can put a little more. In summer, water can be watered in a lot of water, and it is necessary to reduce watering, sleep during winter, should not be poured too much water. The agave you like to be biased, usually do a good job in drainage.

The agave is very low in fertilizers, but soil fertile will make agave growing more good. Fertilizes it once a year, and a thin fertilizer is taken in a month. Do not spray fertilizer frequently, otherwise it will easily cause fat.

Aurical breeding precautions

Breeding method

In general, it is more practical to reproduce the agave, which can also cut into propagation and breeding reproduction.

Pest harm

Leaf spot disease, anthracnose and gray mold, have a chopper harm.

Other considerations

The agave in the spring of each year, the casting time is April.

Usually do water fertilizer management, can not be watered, so as not to cause rot, you can’t apply too much fat, avoid fat.

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