Autumn peony breeding methods and precautions

The preference of autumn peony

Everyone knows that knowing knows and knows that they can do all the war. This sentence can be said to know it, but it is also appropriate to use flowers in flowers. It is probably that only by understanding the preferences of autumn peony can you raise a plant? Perfect autumn peony. First of all, autumn peony is a kind of warm and wet plant that requires the environment of autumn peony when breeding; in addition, autumn peony is very drought but not high -temperature. In winter Any measures can survive, but in summer, it is basically shaded.

Autumn Peony’s temperature requirements

Just now we have learned that autumn peony is a very cold -resistant but not high -temperature plant, so it is necessary to control the temperature, especially the critical critical critical critical criticality can easily make autumn peony grow or even die. Generally, autumn peony grows the highest growth. The temperature cannot exceed 30 degrees Celsius. If it is very hot in summer, it is necessary to shade it and avoid direct sunlight. There is no need to take any protection measures in winter.

The humidity requirements of autumn peony breeding

Basically, many flowers have high requirements for humidity in family flowers. Of course, autumn peony is the same. Generally, the humidity of the autumn peony growth environment is 50 % to 65 %. between. If you first planted autumn peony, you need to water it diligently. When the growth is almost the same, you can pour water once a day or two.

Precautions for autumn peony breeding

In addition to the above temperature and humidity requirements, there are some other matters for breeding autumn peony. For example, in the selection of soil, try to choose loose and breathable and fertile soil. When planting for the first time, try to disinfect the soil as much as possible. In addition, the best time to pay attention to autumn peony is the end of winter and early spring, when the weather starts to warm up, and so on.

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