Avocado breeding method

Avocado breeding method


Avocado likes light, and the environment of high temperature and high humidity can make it grow quickly and is not resistant to cold.It can grow in part of the shade, but the most suitable growth is where there is sufficient light.


Avocado trees are more adaptable to the soil and like to grow in soil with good drainage.


Avocado trees are very sensitive to the drought of the soil. When the lack of water, it will cause fallen leaves and fruits. The soil of the root system needs to be wet.Watering must be sufficient but avoid excessive amount. When the soil is too wet, root rot will be exacerbated. You can use spray irrigation or drip irrigation. Pay attention to drainage during the rainy season.


Avocado should be reasonably fertilized within 1-4 years after planting, and promote the rapid growth of young trees.The types and quantities of fertilization should be determined according to the fertilization of the soil, the age of the tree, the growth and results of the plant.

In the young tree period, the root system is easily damaged by nitrogen fertilizer. Too much nitrogen fertilizer will cause the branches and leaves to be long and delayed. In the autumn and winter seasons, you need to stop nitrogen fertilizer, apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to avoid winter shoots in areas with frosty areas with frosting areas.Cold damage.

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