Baby Scenic Spaghetti

How to raise


The eight treasures of the eight treasures are not high in soil, and ordinary soil can be kept, but it is recommended to use a good sand and soil mixture to ensure the gas permeability of the soil.Mix a little corrosion according to the actual situation.Potted plants generally changed a basin for 2 years, and increased corrosion when they change the pot.


Watering is generally divided into two time periods, flowering periods and growth periods.

During the growth period, adhere to a principle, Ning no more.If the water is waters, it is particularly fast.

In the flowering period, the water is waters intermediate wet, dry one day, wet a day, so that it can guarantee good growth.


Before blooming, appropriate fertilization, usually half a month in the growth period, sprinkling a thin fertilizer, and the rainy season is recommended to stop fertilization.


The eight treasures of the eight treasures are high in temperature requirements, and to ensure the temperature above 15 ° C.As long as the flowering season is guaranteed to flow at 10 ° C.


Eight treasures like sunshine.But in the south, the summer temperature is too high, the sun is too sunshable, while other time to perform direct illumination.

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