Balcony breeding breed selection

Go food

The lettuce we eat, it is it, this guy is almost made of eating, and it is always a large group of MMs, I’m really!

Cream lettuce

It is a bit more than the street ball, and the taste is thicker, it looks like the leaves. Light green, yellow blade. Although there are two words in the name, don’t be confused, and there is no relationship with the taste. But cream letters have a large number of fans in the field of eating, and family plantation is relatively wide.


It is a bit like a baby dish, but it is indeed a member of the lettuce family. Unique taste, and the plants will bloom blue small flowers, can be edible, viewable.

Purple leaves

There is no difference in the variation of lettuce, taste and nutrition, just color more beautiful. Under normal circumstances, the color of the blade is biased, which will become a purple red when the temperature is low.

Red-leafnic dish

Aunt, this tenant brother not only looks at the green lettuce of cream, but also the purple bar of purple leaves. It often appears in the vegetables (especially Western cooking), and its appearance can make a very simple little cold dish becomes rich. But family planting is less.

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