Bamboo and cypress breeding methods and precautions

Method of bamboo and cypress breeding


The suitable growth temperature of bamboo and cypress is between 18 ° C and 26 ° C. The cold resistance is poor, and the low temperature to minimum is minimum of minus 7 ° C.


Bamboo and cypress is more shade -resistant and avoid the sun exposure. Pay attention to the shading from May to September. You can use the shading net or put the flower pot in a direct sunlight for maintenance, so as to avoid strong direct light burning the root stems, causing the plant to die.


Bamboo and cypress likes a moist growth environment, but in the usual maintenance, you must avoid watering. You must pay attention to grasping the appropriate watering and watering times. When the soil is dry, watering can be used. Increase the humidity of the air and make the leaf color thick green.


Bamboo and cypress has strict requirements for the soil, and prefers deeply fertile, loose, acidic sandy loam.


Potted bamboo and cypress generally does not need to be fertilized, but in order to ensure that its leaf color is thick and green, 2-3 alum fertilizer can be applied 2-3 times in the peak season of bamboo and cypress


Bamboo and cypress will enter a dormant or semi -dormant state in winter. At this time, you can cut off thin branches, diseases, insect branches, dense branches, dead branches, etc., which not only maintains the beauty of the plant type, but also prevents the occurrence of pests and insect pests.

Precautions for breeding of bamboo and cypress

In the spring of each year, it can be replaced with bamboo and cypress. The pot soil is suitable for mixing the ratio of rotten soil or grassy soil, garden soil, and sand soil according to 3: 2: 1. Place bamboo and cypress in a place with bright indoor light in winter, and control watering at the same time. Keep the temperature without less than 0 ° C.

Once diseases and insect pests occur, timely prevention and treatment.

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