Barliflassea breeding method

Barliflassea breeding method


When breeding macromislane, it is recommended that you choose dry sandy soil. If you want to plant picania to the dry place where the garden is high and not easy to accumulate water in the courtyard, this is more suitable for the growth of macrotamane.


Big Flower Forlane likes the environment with sufficient sunlight. Therefore, you should choose places with sufficient light regardless of potted plants or ground planting. If the light is insufficient, it will cause flowering, so pay special attention.

Water and fertilizer management

Big flower purslane was resistant to drought, but could not stand the stagnant water. Therefore, in the daily maintenance process, pay attention to drainage, and remember not to cause rotten roots due to stagnant water. In addition, although large flower purslane is resistant to drought, it is still necessary to pay attention not to lack water for a long time. Because the purslane is resistant to resistance, you don’t need to fertilize too much. If you want the plant’s length better, you can apply rotten thin fertilizer every 7-10 days.


Big flower purslane is afraid of stagnant water and is not tolerant. Therefore, the low -lying stagnant water and shade are not suitable for its growth. Potted purslane. Don’t forget to move into the room in winter, as long as the temperature keeps above 10 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy flowers in winter! In addition, pay attention to the “heart” for purslane, which can promote its growth of new branches and make the flower strains more beautiful!

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