Beauty cherry blossom characteristics and flower stage

Flower open characteristics

Beautiful cherish resistance and adaptability, growing and strong, less pests and diseases, is simple and placed, is a good garden exposure.Its color is pure and beautiful, colorful, red, white, blue purple, etc.The flower period from late June to September, there is a small blossoming show flower.Its plants are low, with a lot of balance, and the flowering is strong, and there is a lot of green leaves when flowering, and there is a great color landscape.

Flowering time

The flowering time of beauty cherry is from June to October.In mid-May, the leaves of the beautiful cherry will take a strap in the leaf of the beautiful cherry. The top of the flower stems is full of small flower buds. At the end of May, in early June, these small flower buds slowly expanded, and finally he had revealed to people, bloomBeautiful little flowers, the color will continue to change in the few days.Therefore, a beautiful borders have a colorful color.By the end of October, early November, the declaration of the flower period ended, and the petals had a lot of fleshy purple black seeds in the original flowers.

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