Beauty cherry blossom language

Beauty cherry blossom language

What is the beauty cherry blossom

The beauty of the beauty cherry blossoms is short, the color is colorful, and the flowering part is umbrella.The flowering period is long, usually from May to November.The beauty cherry is suitable for the flower bed for people to watch. The color is very bright. Several small flower balls are hugged together, which is interesting.Whenever bloom, the sea of flowers is very eye -catching.Beauty cherry blossoms can not only bring beautiful enjoyment, but also the whole grass can also be used as Chinese medicine, and the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying is excellent.

Flower language

Because the flowers of beauty cherry blossoms are mostly crowded into groups, embrace, it symbolizes “peace”, “coordinated” and “family and everything”.Due to the variety of beauty colors of beauty cherry blossoms, the words represented by different colors of beauty cherry blossoms are different, such as:

White flowers mean “please pray for me”; red flowers mean “co -operation”; pink flowers represent “home and everything”; purple flowers represent “superstition”.It is worth mentioning that beauty cherry blossoms are still the guardian flower of Leo, and the lovers born in Leo may wish to plant a pot of beauty cherry blossoms at home!

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