Beauty cherry blossoms opened several times a year

Several flowers a year

As mentioned earlier, the flowering period of beauty cherry blossoms is very long, but what extent is it? It turned out to be open to November each year, and almost defeated 90%and more flower flowers. Then there may be another thing that may be surprised by everyone, because it is only one flowering in 7 months, so it only blooms once a year.

Attributes and habits

Beauty cherry blossoms are a kind of flower that likes the sun. It is very unable to bear the coolness, and it is more resistant to the cold invasion. There are many cultivation in the northern region. Under normal nutrient conditions, it can grow well. In this area where the climate is relatively wet in the south, even in winter, even if it is an outdoor environment, it can overwinter.

Flower condition

Beauty cherry blossoms can generally bloom with sufficient light, suitable temperature, fertile soil, and suitable water supply. It is possible to be longer.

Cultivation of such a flower that can bloom brightly every day at home can also embellish a little vitality at home. Interested flower friends might as well raise a pot of themselves.

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