Beauty cherry home maintenance point


Beautiful cherry is not very high, but must ensure that the soil of beauty cherry must be fertile, loose, and the drainage performance is strong, so it can guarantee the growth of beautiful cherry, generally select a high humidity neutral soil. Potted matrix is ​​suitable for cultivating soil, fertile, drainage performance, and in front of planting, insertion, insertion, it is necessary to apply a rusted organic fertilizer and some phosphosphate.


Beauty cherry is not drought, so to keep the moisture of the beautiful cherry, but when giving wine, it is necessary to note that the roots of beauty cherry are shallow, and when watering is water, avoid the root soil rushing away .


Beautiful cherry is very beautiful, but you can do a proper shade treatment, so as to avoid direct burning blades of the sun.


Beautiful cherry is loved in a high temperature environment, and its growth temperature is generally 15-25 degrees Celsius, and the summer temperature can be controlled below 34 ° C. In winter, the temperature of the beautiful cherry cannot be less than 5 degrees Celsius, otherwise it will be frozen.


Beauty of beautiful cherry, can follow other plants, follow the principles of “light fat, small, quantity, and complete nutrition”.


The beauty of the beautiful cherry has a long time, so before it is blooming, it can pick a one or two hearts.

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