Beauty of sakura

Beauty Scholar Spring Autumn Fertilizer Management

In the spring and autumn two seasons, the season of beauty cherry is full, and the fertilizer should follow the flower treasure – Huaibao – Qingshui – Huaobao – Huaobao – Shui Water sequential circulation, interval period: outdoor approximately 1-4 days, sunny high temperature weather interval Some, rainy days or low temperatures during rainy days; 2-6 days in the room, the sunny day is short, and the cloudy temperature is longer or not.

Beauty Sakura Summer Feed Management

Beauty cherry is a cold season flower, and the summer is almost sleeping, there are not many fertilizers, even to control water control. Fertilizer management can follow the flower treasure – clean water – water – Huaobao – water – clean water sequential circulation, the interval cycle is approximately: three to five days in the outdoor maintenance, the sun is short, the cloudy rainy day is longer Or do not poured; outdoor maintenance is approximately four to seven days, and the high temperature cycle of sunny day is short, and the cloudy rainy day is longer or not.

Watering tried to arrange when the morning temperature is low, keep the blades dry at night, and often spray the plants.

Beauty cherry winter fertilizer management

The beauty cherry is in the winter, mainly to control water control and fertilizer work, fertilizer management according to Huaobao-Qingshui-Qingshui-Huaibao-Qingshui-Qingshui, the interval cycle is approximately one week Summary during the high temperature of sunny day, during the rainy day or low temperature cycle. Watering time is taken as much as possible during the time at night at noon.

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