Big flower 蕙 蕙 兰 ‘s breeding methods and precautions

First, soil

Big flower is like growing in a soil that is loose and breathable and drained, it is recommended to use rot leaveso. Alternative moss, fern root, charcoal, bark block, broken brick, etc. mixed with self-made cultivation are also very good choice.

Try not to use ordinary cultivating soil and cultured soil of national orchid. If the soil’s drainage exhaust is poor, it is easy to lead to large flowers.

Two, watering

In the growth period of the large flower, the water is water, and the summer climate increases water, while the cold winter should reduce the number of watering, and pay attention to the temperature of the water (as far as room temperature), to avoid frostbite.

The pH of the water used in the watering of Big flower is preferably 6.5.

Third, sunshine

When the summer light is strong, it needs to be shade (big flower 蕙 兰 doesn’t like to be direct in sunlight, should be scattered light), and 50% of the shading is about 50%. In autumn, in order to make the plant to form a bud and healthy winter, you can make it more in touch with some sunshine. When winter, it needs to be placed in the greenhouse in the middle of the greenhouse, the temperature is high.

Four, fertilizer

It is best to use nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ratio of 1: 1: 1, which can increase the application of phosphorus and potassium elements. Before using it, you need to dilute the fertilizer, and adjust it to 5.8-6.2, 1 to 2 times in summer / day (water and fertilizer alternate), other seasons usually 3 days, winter stop fertilization.

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